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A second wave of the coronavirus (COVID-19) seems to be a matter of time. In the meantime, we are moving into a heavy recession. What is your view on the (near) future? Are you doing your homework? What is your structured approach to be(come) future proof? Based on our experience, we share an introduction to lean budgeting. Please forget about a traditional planning cycle and step into the Agile Release Train.

1) Lean budgeting is a method to organize your equipment, people and cash around value streams.

2) The term value stream describes the set of steps from the start of value creation until the delivery of the value to the customer.

3) Forget about a traditional planning cycle. This approach will result in less bureaucracy, delays and overhead as well as much higher throughput.

4) Establish self-managing agile release trains (hereafter : “ART”) to encourage the development of high performing, cross functional teams.

5) The work process of an ART is as follows; define, build, test, deploy, release and operate.

6)These teams start with the design of a value stream map; a flowchart with information about the workflow and eliminate Waste.

7) ART should deliver Continuous Improvement (10-12 weekprogram cycles), driving customer value.

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