Upstream Advisory I Performance

Our support to realize your full potential

Our mission

Making the impossible possible.

We strive to achieve uncommon results with common people.

Brand story

Looking out the control tower you can see that the view is amazing. Every angle showcases a spectacular outlook on the world around. The wide views enable seeing the bigger picture.

The observatory allows for looking far ahead. Spot the horizon, get a glimpse of the future. Although the visibility from the tower is great, down there new realities continuously emerge.

Can you really understand the bigger picture - and navigate accordingly? If you can’t clearly identify the details that construct it Upstream Performance has a proven track record.

We get down - and dirty.

Acknowledging ownership, co-creation and collective wisdom start on the shop floor. These elements make the impossible possible. Because real improvements are harvested bottom up, and not top down.

Head in the sky, 

                              zooming out

Feet in the mud,

                              zooming in

Performance Advisory

Change better. We support companies to structurally improve their business. save resources and money for your core business.

We are your dedicated partner to

-  accelerate with increasing quality

- optimize operational expenses

- increase throughput from start production to delivery wih end customer

helping you realize your full potential.

We also support companies with capital raising, usually starting of with a feasibiity study / investor readiness assessment . 

Our skills

Investor Readyness


Strategic Design Thinking


Lean Six Sigma


Continuous Improvement

Business Transformation



Operational Excellence


Our team

Jobbe Jorna

Founder and Managing Partner

Business Transformation, Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence Expert.

Throughout my career I have gained the trust of multiple (multi)nationals to guide and support them realize their full potential. I have a strong and proven track record known for setting the standard in leading business transformation and operational excellence. 

Seasoned trainer in Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma and Corporate Finance at various companies and institutions, amongst others ING, KPMG, Philips, Signify, Nobian, Nutreco - Trouw Nutrition and Selko 

I am also mentor with the Startup Program

(a) ACE - Technology & Science

University of Amsterdam

(b) Startlife - Food & Agtech

Wageningen University


Business Partner(s)

We are looking for business partners and talent in various positions.

Please contact us if you are interested.