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Amid the second wave of COVID-19 multiple companies across the globe are struggling to survive. What is your game plan? What is your structured approach to become future proof? Do you strive to supply products and services of outstanding quality, cost efficiently with shorter delivery times? Based on our experience, we share the 14 steps of DMAIC an effective problem solving technique to drive your value creation process.

After project identification and project selection the 14 steps of DMAIC are, as follows :


(1) Voice of the Customer. Talk to the Business and (end-) Customer to understand their needs

(2) SIPOC and define the Critical to Quality to provide clarity and structure 

(3) Project Charter. Like any other project, it requires a project team with a clear structure, roles and responsibilities, together with a preliminary project charter before investing resources, time and money


(4) – Value Stream and Process Map

(5) - Validate Measurement Procedure

(6) Data Collection and Process Capacity


(7) Diagnose the Current Process

(8) Identify Potential Influencing Factors of a good product or service and the root causes of defects

(9) Establish the effect of Influence Factors


(10) Design, develop and select Improvement Actions

(11) Pilot Testing

(12) Implementation of the best solutions


(13) Improve Process Control and Sustainability to ensure that these solutions become embedded into the work processes

(14) Project Closure - Handover & Celebration

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