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In the labour market today the gap of supply versus demand is enormous, with the retirement wave yet to come. Its hard to establish employee engagement and employees taking ownership. A very powerful tool to enable employee engagement and taking ownership is doing daily standup team meeting in front of a white board. Based on our experience we share how to arrange such a  team meeting.  

Whiteboard - Daily Team Meeting (max. 10min)

The design of a whiteboard for the daily meeting should be a co creaton by the team. It should become a dialogue building upon each other. Most effective whiteboard has a lot of visual management (simple, relevant, tells a story). 

This meeting is short (max. 10min) with facilitator on routation and mandatory to attent and contribute. Why?

  • a very powerful tool for employee engagement

  • it develops team work and shared ownership

  • it keeps everyone informed

  • it promotes a standard way of working

Every team should create their own whiteboard. That said and to get you started have a look into the example template below

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