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Agile Lean Business Transformation

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According to the latest statistics a substantial amount of small and medium companies will move into bankruptcy. What is your turnaround plan to drive sales, reduce costs and grow profit. What is your structured approach to be(come) future proof? Based on our experience, we share how to use principles to create value during a turnaround process.

You must be your very best in the darkest moments.


Turnaround is about productivity improvement, cost reductions, cash generation and low hanging growth opportunities.

Agile Lean Turnaround

In essential Lean Turnaround is about creating a new vision, strategy and alignment of equipment and resources (people and cash) around value streams. Are you interested to learn more? If yes, go to Agile Team Setup


Recalculate your runway (total cash/ burn rate per month), given current revenue versus costs.


Establish a taskforce and hand pick your cross-functional team members wisely. Be patient, each team goes through four phases; forming, storming, norming and performing.

Voice of the Customer and Business

The profit zone is a moving target. Listen to the voice of the customer and business. The key to success is customer centric with an agile approach. The latter is the ability to move quickly and easily. 


(re-) design your value proposition and make what sells. Stop the bleeding, tighten the ship and cash is king. Develop a turnaround plan (30 : 60 : 90 days) and manage your liquidity position on a regular basis.

Visual Management

Focus on data analysis, watch for trouble signs/ red flags and stress test management projections. Visual management tools enable data driven leadership.

Improve Culture

Create a winning performance culture with self managing teams driven by collaboration, constant focus on business value and appropriate level of quality. Improvement ideas are listed, scored and selected based on highest value creation in time.

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