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Rethink, Redesign and Simplify 

Change Better. We support companies to structurally improve their business…

Today organizations are in constant disruption and on the move with automation and digitalization and overtime becoming too complex. Its time to rethink, redesign and symplify work processes and systems to become fit for purpose. Focus on must haves, limit nice to have and weed out waste. Based on our experience we share a structured approach how to simplify work processes and systems. 

Simplicity is the key to brilliance

Why Simplify? The ripple effect of process inefficiencies are  

- Hidden costs : 30% of revenue lost by organizations due to inefficient processes

- Time consuming : 60% of labour hours are spent on duplicating work in manual processes

- Loss of Productivity : 40% of productivity loss due to switching between different tools and systems in the work process

Back to Basics

Understand customer drivers and redefine business processes.

Go Look and See

Go look and see at the production line. Walk the work process backwards. Together with the stakeholders create a simplified process map and validate it. Identify bottlenecks and problems. The more frequent the issue occurs, and the more severe the effect, the higher the priority of the issue. 

                                                      - Plan : ahead the activities to be done on a timetable

                                                      - Do/ Test : execute the plan. Start small and run a test in controlled circumstances

                                                      - Check : analyse the test results and find the root cause of the problems

                                                      - Act : take action to standardize or improve the process, as the new standard baseline

CANI - Constant And Never Ending Improvement


The development and implementation of effective solutions is not the end of the process. In case a better way of working is devised it should become the new standard. This will enable the development of a continuous and never ending improvement culture

Illustration Video

A picture says more than 1.000 words. A video is worth 30k pictures, but an experience is worth much more. Let's start with a short video on Simplicity go to The Toothpaste Fix - A Lesson in Simplicity

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