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Performance Improvement

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Change Better. We support companies to structurally improve their business…

Amid the pandemic multiple companies across the globe are struggling to survive. What is your game plan given the current situation? What are you doing to improve the performance of your organisation? Based on our experience, we share a structured approach to successfully realize performance improvement.

1) Establish a project team. Hand pick them wisely. Make a business process flowchart with elements per process step (processing time, # employees, capacity).

2) Develop a value stream map of (a) the current state “as is”; and (b) desired situation “future state”. Please limit the number of process steps and people involved to minimize “waste”.

3) The five performance improvement objectives are quality, reliability and dependability, speed, flexibility and cost.

4) Replace chaotic and hectic planning process(es); driven by “push” mentality by lean planning; “pull” with WIP control.

5) The essence of lean operations is to control WIP; minimum inventory levels, slack (minimize re-work), buffers (minimize waiting time) and work in progress.

6) After deployment monitor the performance with a control chart on three levels: throughput, inventory and operating expense.

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