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Performance Improvement

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Change Better. We support companies to structurally improve their business…

Amid the pandemic multiple companies across the globe are struggling to survive. Are you interested to identify how much performance improvement potential exists in your company? Based on our experience, we share a structured approach to successfully realize performance improvement.

Organisation and Governance

  • (Re)set Key Perfomance Indicators. Develop KPI trees from leadership to the production line.

  • Introduce visual management tools to communicate, track and trace performance. 

Learning and Development

  • Develop a continuous improvement culture. Empower employees as change agent, leader and practitioner.

  • Training and coaching. Start to eliminate waste and introduce lean principles. Shift from “push” mentality to lean planning “pull” .

    Work processes

    • The essence of lean operations is to control work in progress, minimum inventory levels, slack (minimize re-work) and buffers (minimize waiting time).

    • Review core work processes with stakeholders. 

    • Co-create a simplified process flowchart with elements per process step (e.g. processing time, # employees, capacity).

      • Diagnose the current process. Identify potential influencing factors and label the work process as 

                                  - poor (not stable or standard with color code "red"),

                                  - basic (standard color code "yellow")

                                  - advanced (color code "green")

      • Design the desired process "future state" and develop, select, test and implement improvement solutions. The five performance improvement objectives are quality, reliability and dependability, speed, flexibility and cost. 

      •  After deployment monitor the performance with a control chart on three levels:

                                 - Throughput

                                 - Inventory

                                 - Operating Expense


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