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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Target Setting

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Are you interested where to improve your production process? Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a measure of what is happening and indicates the direction in which attention should be focussed. It does not indicate the cause of the losses that occur. Based on our experience, we share a structured approach to OEE Target Setting

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In short Overall Equipment Effectiveness is the amount of good product made devided by the maximum amount that could have been made. The latter effectiveness is determined by comparing what a process or installation can produce with what it actually produces.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness helps to maximize the chances that you are able to hit your production targets by promoting the visibility of your manufacturing processes and providing up to date information on performance.


The calculation of Overall Equipment Efficiency, as follows : 

Diagnose the current situation "as is"

Analyze the current as is situation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness. 

Target per Pacemaker

Set initial OEE target per pacemaker

Pacemaker - the one piece of equipment in the plant that by design sets the speed of the production. All losses in the plant leading to a loss on the pacemaker need to be captured and monitized. Usually this is the most costly to replace.

Bottleneck - the piece of equipment that currently sets the pace of production. Ideally this is the pacemaker.

Sum of the Parts 

Breakdown target by category and assign to department. Each department to define plan of initiative(s) to build pipeline towards target. The Site Leadership Team is to confirm and review pipeline towards target.

Monitoring and Reporting

Communicate target to whole organization using visual management. Monitoring and reporting is done on the pacemakers in the production lines, not on the entire production line.


Execute the plan of initiative(s) towards target

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