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The control of processes is key to realize operational excellence. It will enable high quality, fast delivery and/ or at lower costs driven by efficient and effective usage of resources. What are you doing to create a operational excellence mindset within your organisation? Based on our experience, we share the three key elements to successfully realize Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence is not a skill. It is the point at which each and every employee

can see the flow of value to the customer and fix that flow before it breaks down.  


Every organisation is about learning and personal development of its people. Invest to develop a continuous improvement culture. Please note succesful change is a learning journey and a team effort to adopt and improve. 


Based on the latest developments (re-) design the strategy, organization structure and hire the right people. Set key priorities with sufficient senior management support where to invest resources and time to standardize and improve work processes.

Tools & IT Systems

Stabalize and standarize work processes first. Please note, there can only be one standard way of working. Without standards, there can be no improvement. This is the foundation to establish a continuous improvement culture and enable succesfully implement automation and connectivity where possible.

Focus on proven methodologies and tools and only use IT systems fit for its purpose. The Road to Operational Excellence using the right tools, as follows :

…with our head in the sky and feet in the mud