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The Toyota Way

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One of the most impactful business books published in the 21st Century The Toyota Way, by Jeffrey K. Liker is a game changer how to embed a continuous improvement culture. It reveals the 14 Management Principles to establish a continuous improvement culture

A structured approach to establish a Continuous Improvement culture, as follows :  

(1) Have a long term focus on purpose, that supersedes any short-term decision making

(2) Create continuous flow of continuous improvement to expose and solve problems

(3) Use pull to avoid overproduction. Provide your customer with what they want, when they want it and in the amount they want

(4) Level out the workload in stead of using stop/start approach

(5) Stop and fix the problem before moving on. Create a zero defect mindset and develop a first time right mentality 

(6) Standard work processes enable Continuous Improvement. Please note, there can only be one way of working

(7) Use visual control to make problems visible. Visual management systems need to be where the work is done, ideally in real time 

    (8) Use reliable technology that serve people & processes. Improve your processes before automating them. Ensure reliability of technology before implementing as unreliable technology endangers flow

    (9) Leaders are teachers. Grow leaders from within who thoroughly understand the work, live the philosophy, and teach it to others. A good leader must understand the work in detail so that he or she can be the best teacher for the team

    (10) Respect for people. Create a strong and consistent culture with high performance teams. Challenge, develop and teach people every day. Use every problem as an opportunity to learn. Ask five times why. Engage everyone in Continuous Improvement


    (11) Develop, grow and respect your partners and suppliers. Set challenging targets and help them to achieve those targets

    (12) Go to the Gemba. Going to the source and see for yourself to thoroughly understand the situation. Think and speak based on personally verified facts and data

    (13) Plan slowly, act quickly. Spend ample time understanding the problem and its root causes before taking action. Make decisions slowly by consensus, thoroughly considering all options. Implement decisions rapidly

      (14) Self reflection. Become a learning organization through relentless reflection. Reflect on the success or failure of every initiative and learn from this. Capture the learning and standardize. Take time everyday to consider what you could do better tomorrow. Protect organizational knowledge base by developing stable personnel, slow promotion, and careful succession systems.

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      Are you interested to lean more on Management Principles from the Worlds greatest manufacturer? If yes, go and study this book The Toyota Way, by Jeffrey K. Liker

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