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Lean Startup

Fail fast and learn

Change Better. We support companies to structurally improve their business…

Are you interested how to steer, when to turn or persevere and grow a business with maximum acceleration? Based on our experience, we share how to transform a good idea into a successful business. 

Dream big –start small -act now (and do not hesitate)


It starts with why? Why is a customer buying your product and service? Start to define persona's and develop the customer journey.

Analyse the voice of (a) the (future) end-customer and (b) business. Make what sells.

Go Team

Don't fly solo. Identify beneficial resources and pick your team members wisely. Create a strong team of employees, shareholders and business partners across the value chain.

Build a Prototype

The goal is to release a Minimum Viable Product (hereafter : "MVP") or at least a prototype as soon as possible. Keep it simple and please don’t wait until perfection as you will run out of cash sooner or later. Please take notice, lean startup is not about cost. Its about speed.

Test and Measure

Your ideas must see the light of day so that you can test, measure and learn. Please establish the baseline and always tune the engine. The product owner is responsible for the product backlog. 

Fail Fast and Learn

Monitor performance with visual management. Measure and control your startup on three levels; throughput, inventory and operational expenses. The common goal is to maximize the value of the work done by the team. Think carefully where to invest your resources (equipment and people) and money. The idea is Continuous Improvement, you should constantly be working on improvements.


A picture says more than 1.000 words. A video is worth 30k pictures, but an experience is worth much more. Are you interested to learn more on the Capital Raising Process? If yes, go to blog. Capital Raising To manage your expectations on Preliminary Valuation see below.  

Reading List

Are you interested to lean more on the process how to solve bottlenecks from the process, improve speed and efficiency and generate more profit? If yes, go and study this book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Are you interested to lean more on a Case Study Lean Startup? If yes, go to blog. Case Study Lean Startup

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