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Are you intersted how to use lean principles to scale your business? Scaling your business is about speed; building the plane while flying. It is about survival as much as it is about growth. What is your game plan? What is your structured approach to be(come) future proof? Based on our experience, we share how to use lean principles while scaling your business.

You say I dream too big. We say you think too small.

Business Plan

Evaluate and update your business plan with milestones. Re-frame your value proposition and adapt your business model to new market needs.


Secure sufficient amount of funding. Consider to start a capital raising round. You can not worry about profitability while scaling and the last thing you want is to run out of money.


Hire talented team players, protect your employees and strategically outsource non-essential roles.


Secure sales. Stay connected to your customers and close to your business partners.


Boost content marketing. This creates value with viral potential. This is the growth-hacking method for most start-ups.


Invest in Technology. Please digitalize and standardize everything. You will be able to operate faster.


A picture says more than 1.000 words. A video is worth 30k pictures, but an experience is worth much more. In case you are interested in the Go Big Matrix, see below.

Reading List

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