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The rules of the game in human resource have changed for good during the pandemic. In the coming period, sky high inflation and energy price levels are here to stay. At large a lot of people have been operating under extreme circumstances and have been struggling to find an adequate work life balance. Some are choosing life until they absolutely need to go back. Others are struggling to survive. Mainwhile, it is challenging for companies to win and maintain employees with shifting work ethic in such a tight labor market. Based on our experience, we share the mix of elements to enable you to protect and care for your most valuable asset.

Plant a seed if you think in terms of 1 year, a tree in terms of 10 years and

if in terms of 100 years teach people

The elements to win new employees over competition is a mix, while safeguarding employee satisfaction within. Its not only about money or so called "free food and bean bags". A mix of elements that enable you are, as follows : 


The baseline is an employee benefits package on par to win resources over competition. In this period of sky-high inflation and with multiple crises a higher cost of living is here to stay. Clearly, 1-2% salary increase or one-off gratitude payment is not going to cut it, especially when hitting record high sales and profits.


Develop a flexible operating model, as customer demand and your profitzone are moving targets. In case you did not yet notice, the traditional workweek from 9 - 5pm in the office is history. Enable a hybrid working space with ability to work from home, office or elsewhere.


Reorganize your workforce, break down the silos, weed out all the objections and establish communities around customers. In addition, invest in a healthy future proof work environment.


Set a clear vision and goals. Share your purpose of which people want to become part of. Develop culture beyond the office.


At all times leadership must be aware of the heartbeat of your most valuable asset, the employees. Let employees leverage their talents and do not micro manage employees once they started. 

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