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Case Study. Der Moat Syld Wurde

Oant Moarn 

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Our society at large is facing multiple challenges. Where to start. Nowhere better than your own roats. Our family roats are in Makkum Fryslan. According to their Skipper the most important side business of life is Skutsjesilen. Based on this metafore, I will share best practices and lessons learned how to manoevre in production through open waters with wind and sunshine.  

In production safety first when in doubt everyone can and should raise the red flag. That said lets go into production. 

  • It all starts with leading by example. As such, hand pick your mentor(s) wisely.

  • Listen laser focussed to the voice of the master.

  • See him do his actual magic. Absorb this as the best standard way of working.

    • Give it some time to sink in and come up with key follow up questions to deepen your dialogue. 

    • Keep a close eye on best practices and lessons learned.

    • Every now and than a shift falls one or two men short. The Master comes over and says you can do this.

    • Some last instructions, wishing you good luck and have fun later.

    • A few minutes later I am sitting next to the best Skipper in town running actual production. By far my best day working ever. 

    • Hats off to our hero's the Master and the Skipper. In addition, shout out to our local dream team.  


      A picture says more than 1.000 words. A video is worth 30k pictures, but an experience is worth much more. Go look and see SKS Championship 2024. In case you are interested in the value of your life or finding your mentor watch this Video Priceless Stone

      …with our head in the sky and feet in the mud