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Amidst multiple crises our planet, society at large and many industries are struggling. To enable becoming future proof organizations require leadership to manoevre in a state of constant disruption. When you are called to lead, you are called to imagine, move forward and improve the situation. The profile of a leader has shifted from order giver to facilitator. Based on our experience, we share a structured approach leading change. 

A leader is someone people follow. not because they have to but because they want to 

Change Leadership is the practice of approaching changes across an organization with enthusiasm, growth mindset and positivity. This will enable you to adapt to market changes and prepare for unexpected scenarios.   

 The elements of Change Leadership are, as follows : 


Start with the end in mind. Imagine the future holistically thinking end2end working backwards from customer to supplier. Create a purpose, define your mission and how to get there. Understand the role of communication, the impact of your message and pick your words wisely.

Build Momentum

The creation of movement and building momentum starts with capability building. Building new skills is a learning journey for everyone based upon three building blocks 

+ Training - engage and provide training t0 all employees (10%)

+ Work Experience (70%)

+ Coaching & Feedback (20%)


Continuous Improvement is a mindset. Why? Everything can be improved.

Please note, text on paper (with/without assumptions) is in theory while daily operation is reality. Successful implementation without adoption by the people is impossible. Are you interested to learn more? If yes, go to blog. Continuous Improvement

People Centric

Become people centric. Why? Work processes and systems don't transform. People do. 

Identify early adopters. Safety first !! Always create a safe environment to operate. Encourage your crew to play and tell them no matter how it all goes down I got your back. Start small, fail fast and learn. Focus on a few critical tools to master and don't ever try to boil the ocean in once.

The foundation of every organization are its people. Drive a culture of open, honest and transparent feedback. Feedback is key as such enable time to evaluate. In case of senior management, 365 degrees review is a "must have".

Community - Your vibe attracts your tribe

Create a community of change agents. Encourage, help and support them to outperform and become most valueable players, sharing best practices and lessons learned. 

Pulse Check

Check the heartbeat of your organisation with an employee satisfaction survey and listen to your employees and customers 24F7. 

Illustration Video

A picture says more than 1.000 words. A video is worth 30k pictures, but an experience is worth much more. Let's start with a short video on Change Management versus Change Leadership

…with our head in the sky and feet in the mud