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Back to Business – A soft landing in the new “normal"

Change Better. We support companies to structurally improve their business…

Governments across Europe continue to ease coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions. This virus will continue to have a substantial impact on our private life and our businesses. Nevertheless, its time. Back to business. You aim for a soft landing in the new “normal” and move forward together. What is your structured approach to accomplish this? Based on our experience, we share lessons learned and some best practices how to enable a soft landing in the new normal.


Prepare and do your homework again. Redesign your business plan, update your rolling forecast and in particular your liquidity projections. What is your runway (total cash/ burn rate per month)?


Value Proposition

Make what sells. Where is the profit zone, now and most likely in the near future? This is a moving target.


Reorganize your equipment, people and cash around value streams.


Did you already put your company under a microscope? What is the outcome of your analysis: (a) direct versus indirect costs; and (b) per resource revenue versus costs. Look into indirect employees (overhead).

Laser Focus

Focus on your core business, slash costs and tighten the ship. Don’t waste resources, money and/ or time on “nice to have” stuff

Respect your strategic business partners and always be empathic to your customers.

…with our head in the sky and feet in the mud