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Customer Value

How to maximize customer value and drive employee satisfaction?

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Are you interested how to maximize customer value and drive employee satisfaction? Get in touch with reality. Create self managing teams and implement a continuous improvement culture to serve your customers best.  

A structured approach to maximize value is in depth alignment of strategy (why), tactics (what) and operations (how)

(1) it starts with Why? Why is a customer buying your product and service? Start to define persona's and develop its customer journey. 

(2) analyse the voice of (a) the (future) end-customer and (b) business. Make what sells and (re)frame your vision of the end product. 

(3) the product owner is responsible for the product backlog, while the project team is continuously challenged to verify whether or not (add-on) features are "must have" or "nice to have". 

(4) the common goal is to maximize the value of the work done by the team. Think carefully where to invest your resources (equipment and people) and money. Focus, prioritize and invest in digital transformation.

(5) the formula how to maximize value differs and is subject to organisation, team and individual specifics. Important elements are  capacity management, continuous improvement and elimination of waste.  

(6) monitor progress with visual management. Measure and control your organisation on three levels; throughput, inventory and operational expenses. 

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