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Work Process Optimalisation

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As we await for acceleration of our vaccination program amid the pandemic, multiple companies must think through carefully where they invest their resources, time and money. Work process optimalisation will drive performance improvement and help you (re)claim your profit zone. What is your game plan given the current situation? Based on our experience, we share a structured approach to realize work process optimalisation.

1) Implementation requires leadership; handpick change agents to establish your project team.

2) The process starts when you have identified a problem and why it is a problem before you invest resources, time and money. Which of the 5# process performance objectives apply; quality, reliability & dependability, speed, flexibility and expenses.

3) Develop the process map with Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer.

4) Determine the measurement procedure of data collection and transform for data analytics purposes. This is often 50-80% of project time.

5) Diagnose the “as is” work process and identify critical factors of a good product/ service and the root causes of defects, re-work and waste.

6) Develop, select and implement the best solutions. The effect of a solution equals quality of the solution times acceptance.

7) Ensure that these solutions become embedded and establish a control chart to monitor.

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