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Quick Scan. Performance Improvement

Change Better. We support companies to structurally improve their business…

Are you interested to identify how much performance improvement potential exists in your company?

In general, in any organization with more than 20# people you can save at least EUR 50k operating expense per annum. Based on our experience we share a structured approach how to identify your potential within one month and guarantee 200% return on investment.

organisation & governance

1) Are roles and responsibilities with KPIs in place? Did you already implement self managing teams? Start to develop a continuous improvement culture.

2) Do you have failure mitigation and visual management tools to enable decision making based on data analytics?

work processes

3) Interview with selected employees to develop and validate the value stream map “as is”.

4) Identify key bottlenecks, potentials influence factors, quick wins and low hanging fruit.

5) Are your work processes standardized and optimized? In particular monitor throughput, inventory and operational expenses.

6) Develop, select and implement the best improvement solutions.

Learning & development

7) Is your team familiar with the lean principles and the 7 types of Waste? Empower employees as change agent, leader and practitioner.

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