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Continuous Improvement

Change Better. We support companies to structurally improve their business…

Many companies struggle to strike the right balance between control (“mopping”) and improvement (“turn of the tap”). What is your game plan? What is your structured approach to build competitive advantage? Based on our experience, we share how continuous improvement can build competitive advantage. Continuous Improvement is about an ongoing effort to improve every element of an organization in order to serve your customers best.

1) Hand pick cross-functional project team members wisely.

2) Organize brainstorm sessions to identify work process bottlenecks.

3) Identify (potential) influence factors.

4) Find the “vital few” influence factors which are easy to change and have great impact.

5) Collect ideas and decide which improvement actions to carry out, based on estimated impact.

6) After the implementation of improvement actions it is key to monitor the process.

7) A control plan defines control loops with associated documentation.

8) The creation and execution of an ongoing stream of improvements will have transformational results.

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