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Agile Team Setup

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Amidst the pandemic companies are struggling. They must (re)think carefully where they invest their resources; equipment, people and money. What is your game plan? Are you interested to improve communication and collaboration, accelerate growth and drive performance? A process should deliver products or services that the customer wants, at a price that reflects only the value the customer is willing to pay for. Waste should be eliminated. Based on our experience, we share key elements of Agile Team Setup.

1) Why you should transform? To improve communication and collaboration. This is also a proven way of working to accelerate growth and drive performance.

2) Re-define your profit zone, based on data analytics. Reorganize your equipment, people and cash around value streams with crystal clear roles & responsibilities (KPI trees and RACI).

3) Handpick your agile team members wisely. Be patient, each team goes through four phases; forming, storming, norming and performing.

4) This setup has these roles; business owner + scrum master + product owner + subject matter expert(s) + development team & stakeholders.

5) Agile Team Setup is driven by self-organizing and cross functional teams. They are organised around three phases (1) design & development, (2) operations & support and (3) marketing & sales.

6) Key principles are self-managing + cross functional + ideally co-located + dedicated (100% commitment/ no side business) + long-lived.

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